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Flock is dead


Not a major supprise since their move to chromium pretty much killed everything their fan base liked about the browser and with the end of firefox 3 and their programers unwillingness to move forward to adopt 4 as a core it was only a matter of time in my opinion, anyway fire fox has extensions that do pretty much everything it did anyway, still it did have some nice features at the time.

firefox for android (beta)?

has anyone tried the firefox beta on their Android phone?

i tried and it seems sluggish, buggy and the favorites are practically impossible to use!

anyone have any positive/negative experiences with it?

Postbox, a new edition to email

Basically postbox is to to thunderbird, what flock is to firefox, complete with social networking goodies... but there is a cost literally, 40 bucks

problem with Trollbridge script

Hi, new Firefox user here. Installed Greasemonkey, installed the Trollbridge script (which killfiles trolly LJ users), and all was working great. Had a nice troll-face icon that I could use, and it was making my browsing delightful.

Until yesterday, when it inexplicably decided to quit working. Have not done anything that should alter my pages, haven't installed any updates or anything. Only other addon I have at present is Adblock Plus, and since I have a paid LJ account, nothing is blocked.

Have tried the following:
-uninstalling and reinstalling Trollbridge
-disabling Adblock Plus
-uninstalling and reinstalling Greasemonkey, then reinstalling Trollbridge

Nothing has worked.

Am not terribly computer savvy, so don't know how to begin to diagnose what the problem is. Anyone have any suggestions? I miss my Trollbridge immensely!

Can I have some help?

Hi, I am new to the community and this is my first time posting!
So I have a problem about my bookmarks on firefox.  Every time I save my bookmarks they will save although I when I click the bookmark it will direct me to a completely different site!

It's really frustrating, anyone has a solution?
Hi. I've been using Firefox since the end of 1.0 (methinks, it was back when I was a sophomore in high school) and I think it's just the greatest little browser. Though, I've been having a problem with it. When I close down FF3, it doesn't close automatically. What I mean is, the previous versions would close, and the processes would stop with it. It doesn't do this with 3. Has anyone had the same issue? If it's of any help, I'm using Vista home basic.
Read the article here. ^_^ Photos from around the world...

FireFox galaxy as seen by Hubble
I recently upgraded to the latest version of Firefox, and now I can not login to my Yahoo account. It takes me back to the login page every time. I tried it in IE, worked perfectly. I downloaded the IE tab for Firefox, and it's still not working.